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Change is Good! March 14, 2017 23:11

Goodbye Tickled Pink

So, for quite some time now, like 2 years, I've been wanting to change my business name. I just wasn't in love with Tickled Pink anymore. It seemed to "foofoo" for me and it just didn't fit the reason behind why I do what I do. Yes, I want you to be tickled pink with the products you may buy from me, but it's much more than that.

With the political climate in the world today, the division of people is wider than it has ever seemed, in my lifetime anyway. There's too much hate, uncertainty and people seem quick to form an opinion without first knowing the facts. Everywhere we turn, from social media to television, we are bombarded with the latest headlines that fuel all the negativity, and frankly I'm just tired of it. For me, I want to focus on what's good in the world. I want to surround myself with positive energy and affirmations that, in my circle, I can make this a better place. I want my products to inspire you. I want you to be reminded that your life is what you make it and that there is good in this world. I want my signs to bring a smile to your face every time you read them. I want to promote love and understanding, peace and joy, motivation and a can-do attitude. That is the message behind my company and the Tickled Pink name just doesn't quite embody all of that.

So last year I decided I would look more seriously at changing my business name at the beginning of 2017. I was wanting to get through the holiday season without adding another project to my plate. After all, it's a big decision. Changing the name would mean getting a new domain name, new social media accounts, new business cards/branding, everything... Well, the first of the year came and went. I had a list of words I liked, but nothing that formed into a name I was happy with. I'd table it for a week and come back to it, but still nothing. Then a retail spot at the Logan Village Mall became available and I figured that if I'm going to change my business name, now was the time to do it. So, back to the brainstorming. A week before I was supposed to move into the mall, I still didn't have a name. I thought maybe it was a sign that I just shouldn't change my name after all, but I knew deep down that it needed to be done. My husband and I went to dinner for our anniversary to Griggsby's Station in Greenfield (if you're local, you gotta check it out). There wasn't a table available, so we waited at the bar and had a couple of beers while we watched the IU/Purdue game. We had been throwing names out on the ride over, not coming up with anything that stuck, and then out of the blue, it hit me. The Good Company! "Add spell Company like Co.?", my husband said. Yes! That was it. I felt it in my bones. It felt so right and stood for everything I want my business to represent. The Good Co. it was!

Hello The Good Co.

But now the real work comes. It was too late to get all the name changes in place before I opened my space in the mall, however the booth does reflect my new name. So, if you're local and go to the Logan Village Mall, yes, The Good Co. space is mine and it's branded with my new logo.  Same products (plus more vintage!), just a different name.

The Good Co. at the Logan Village Mall

I know the sequence of the changing over of names isn't ideal, but it is what it is. It would have been nice to have had the website changed at the time of this announcement, but the domain name I want comes up for auction at the end of the month, so I have to wait for that. I do have new social media accounts in place and will be posting to those now instead of my old accounts. Please take some time to become a follower on those accounts and subscribe to my mailing list (see links below). I will send out reminders to like/follow the new accounts for a few months, so bear with me while I get everyone and everything under the new company name.

So, with that, I'm excited about the things I can do under this name in the future. I feel it is a good fit and represents the purpose behind my business well. I have lots of ideas for the upcoming projects and am looking forward to getting started. Thanks so much for our continued support! 

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Heartfelt Valentine's Gifts You Can Make Yourself January 30, 2017 21:09 1 Comment

10 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself
Each year I try to think of a heartfelt gift to give my husband for Valentine's Day. This year I scoured the internet to spark some ideas and came across a handful that I felt were creative and thoughtful and thought I'd share them here...

Free printable love coupons from Capturing Joy
[Love Coupons by Capturing Joy]

Love Coupons
Capturing Joy has created a sweet, free printable love coupon book with both coupons that are already filled out and coupons you can fill out yourself. Just print them on cardstock, cut them out and staple together. Breakfast in bed please!!

 Open When Envelopes by ldr13
[Open When Envelopes by ldr13]

 "Open When" Envelopes
At ldr13, you can find some good ideas for "open when" envelopes. These are envelopes that are to be opened in specific situations and can have little gifts and letters inside them. These might be more suited for those having a long distance relationships, but I think they would be fun even if you see each other every day.

 Hello Glow carved love candle tutorial
[Carved Love Candle by Hello Glow]

Carved Love Candle
Rather than carving your initials into a tree, why not carve them into a candle? Hello Glow has created a great tutorial for making this cute candle on their blog. 

Tell your love story in a love book
[Personalized book by Love Book]

Personalized Book
Love Book is a site that enables you to create  your own hardback or paperback book by customizing template pages or creating your own. Tell your love story or list 100 reasons why you love your Valentine.  Love Book makes a personal gift they'll cherish forever. 

 52 Reasons why i love you
[52 Reasons Cards by 52reasonsiloveyou.com]

52 Reasons I Love You Book
Here's a nice tutorial (with templates) on how to create a 52 Reasons I Love You book using a deck of cards. A thoughtful and easy project with big impact!


[Love Jenga by Tried and True]

Love Jenga
Tried and True took a mini "Jenga-like" game found at the dollar store and turned it into a fun Valentine's game. Each block of wood has a sentence to finish, such as "The thing I most like about you is...".  The game can be made for kids or make it a little risque for a fun date night.

52 reasons i love you jar
[A Year in a Jar by The Gunny Sack]

A Year in a Jar
The Gunny Sack has a good idea for making Valentine's Day last all year. She places 52 reasons why she loves her Valentine into a jar, each to be opened at the beginning of each week throughout the year. Of course, you could put your own spin on this. You could make it 100 reasons and not necessarily make them wait each week to open one. You could make it 52 memories, 52 date nights... you get the picture. Again, another thoughtful gift that will leave your Valentine feeling loved. And that's the point, right?

Heart Jars by The 36th Avenue
[Heart Jars by The 36th Avenue]

Heart Jars
The 36th Avenue has created these cute jars to hold their Valentine's favorite candy. Who wouldn't want to receive a gift like this? She tells you how to make them and includes free printables you can download on her blog.

https://tickled-pink-goods.myshopify.com/products/valentine-printable-mason-jar-lids[Valentine Lid Inserts by Tickled Pink]

As a sweet addition to this heart jar, I've designed some free lid inserts you can download and add to the lid of your jar. 

Date Night Jar by Life in the Green House
[Date Night Jar by Life in the Green House]

Date Night Jar
Life in the Green House had the great idea of writing date night ideas on a popsicle stick and placing them in a cute jar. The sticks are color coded to represent the type of date; expensive dates that require a little planning, stay-at-home dates and inexpensive dates. 

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights by The Thinking Closet[12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights by The Thinking Closet]

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights
The Thinking Closet came up with a little twist on the Date Night idea. She created a little booklet that plans one date night for each month of the year. She even has instructions and free printables you can use to create the booklet.

Hopefully I have given you some ideas for your Valentine's Day gifts this year. Whatever you do, I hope it's one to remember. 

One Little Word January 08, 2017 19:07

One Little Word

Happy New Year everyone! This is actually one of my favorite times of the year. I like to think of it as starting off with a blank slate. Learn from the past and start new. I always spend time thinking about what I want to do in the coming year, both in my business and personally. Most people do this and create New Years resolutions, but that has never really worked for me. Instead, I like to have a word for the year to focus on. 

Last year my word was TRUST. I wanted to trust in myself more. Stop overthinking things and trust my instincts. Trust that I could do things that scared me. I did, eh, ok with this word, but never had clear cut goals or intentions. It was just something in the back of my head that I thought about from time to time. I feel I could've done more to keep the word in the forefront for the entire year. This year I joined Ali Edwards' One Little Word workshop to help me do just that.

The workshop consists of a series of monthly creative prompts that invoke thought and actions toward your word. You also record these into a scrapbook of sorts. So for January, you obviously have to choose your word and document why you chose the word and your intentions for it throughout the year. My word didn't come to me quickly. I knew I wanted to become more focused on goals and make them happen. In previous years, I'd create goals, but never really took steps to reach them. Although some I did reach, it wasn't a well thought out process. I wanted to be more intentional. Intentional. Hm, I liked that word, so I sat with it for a few days. Over those days, it seemed I saw that word everywhere. Figuring that was a sign, that was the word I was going with.. INTENTIONAL.

Well, after digging into the workshop prompts for January, I came to the part where you look up the definition of your word. I did that and saw the synonym "purposeful". That word really struck a chord with me. It seemed to have the same meaning as intention, but with heart. A more soulful, heartfelt focus for doing something. So, despite the signs I got earlier in the week, I changed my word to PURPOSEFUL. Plus, now don't laugh, it's more fun to handletter the word. Sorry, that's the designer in me coming out.


My intent for the word?  I want to have everything, well most everything, I do lead to a specific purpose. I want to be more focused on attaining my goals for the year. Each month I want to eliminate one thing that causes me stress, work on deepening relationships, and do some soul work/self care. I also want keep focused on longer spanning goals, being purposeful each month in attaining those goals. I think participating in the One Little Word workshop will help me keep my word more visible throughout this year and help me stay purposeful in how I spend my time.

Do you make New Year's resolutions or have a word for the year? I'd be interested in knowing what you do to make the upcoming year one of your best.


Check One Off the Goal List! I'm in Target!! June 22, 2016 20:42 1 Comment


You guys. It is finally time. I've been keeping this quiet for almost a year and now I'm excited to announce that my single mason jar wall planters are now in Chicago area Target stores! Target! It was a goal of mine to be in Target this year, but I originally thought it would be my art that would be in the stores, not my mason jar wall planter. But hey, something of mine is in Target, so I'm marking it off my goals list. :)

It all started with Scoutmob, an online store promoting independent makers and their products, asking me if I would like to sell my mason jar items on their website.  I did some research on the company and liked that they supported the handmade movement and artisans. They had curated a great collection of handmade products and thought it would be a good fit for my products. We have been in in business together since August 2013 and it's been a good relationship. Then, late last summer, one of their curators contacted me and told me about their Target partnership. Target wanted to create a handmade section in their stores in 5 major cities (Chicago, New York, Portland, Atlanta and San Francisco) and looked to Scoutmob to partner with. After Target reviewed the products/artisans on Scoutmob's website, they selected a grouping of potential items to offer in their stores and my mason jar wall planters were selected. You can imagine how excited I was! Holy cow, Target! Of course, at this time they were just gathering a selection of products and then would narrow them down to their final list, so I hadn't made the cut yet, but at least I was in the running. Of course a thousand questions began going through my mind. What if I can't make the quantity they need? What if I don't have enough reclaimed wood?  What if their turn-around time is faster than I can handle? I sent the requested samples to Scoutmob for their meetings with Target and, obviously, they selected my single jar wall planter, with plans to put the single and the triple jar planters online. Yes! Now panic ensues...

Thankfully Target has been requesting manageable quantities in batches and we've been able to keep up just fine so far. I say "we" because my husband has been helping a ton. Once I package up a shipment, I send it to Scoutmob where they assemble the jar onto the reclaimed wood and place it in the packaging they created to display it in. They also add a tag that has my picture on it, the Tickled Pink name, and my location. Once they're shelf ready, they ship them on to Target.

Now that all the products are on display in the stores and will be online this week, I'm not quite sure what to expect. I really have no idea how busy I will be with reorders and online orders. If it flops, heck, I'm still grateful for the experience and can now say I've had my products in Target. That, alone, I think is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I live about 3-4 hours away from Chicago and am not sure I'll be able to see the display in person. I may have to make a road trip, but we're so busy with my youngest and baseball right now. So, if you're in the Chicago area and step into a Target store, I would SO appreciate some pictures. They'll be on an endcap.



7 Must Haves for the Fixer Upper Look May 03, 2016 10:13

Are you as obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper as I am? I DVR each episode and have watched them over and over when nothing else is on TV. I love Joanna's style, Chip's goofiness and just how real and down-to-earth they are. Of course, this obsession has led me to want to redecorate and, in some cases, remodel my entire house. Since remodeling isn't really an option right now, I can start with redecorating some spaces. As I have watched many Fixer Upper episodes, I have noticed that Joanna's style is mainly comprised of seven main elements:

Neutral Pallets

Joanna goes with a more neutral color palette, using shades of cream, white, grey, beige and some green and blue accents. Neutral colors create spaces that are relaxing and soothing, as well as warm and inviting, and allow the furnishings and décor to become the focal point. She has recently released her own line of paints available on the Magnolia Market website (quart $18, gallon $48).

Magnolia Market Paint Colors


In every room Joanna creates, she almost always installs hardwood floors or refinishes the ones that are in the house. Wood floors along with a neutral color pallet create a warm and inviting foundation for the style of your home. Also, those who watch Fixer Upper know that Joanna loves her shiplap. Usually found in older homes, shiplap can add a ton of character to a room. (If your home doesn't have shiplap walls, Home Depot has some they can sell you.) She also brings wood into the home with furniture and other objects like old windows, mantles, awesome farm tables, bowls for centerpieces and vintage signs.   



Joanna's style has an industrial element to it. She often uses galvanized steel items in her rooms such as planters, light fixtures, vases, and letters to hang on the wall. She has also hung a iron gate on the wall, created a shelving unit from pipe and wood and has used part of a windmill for decoration. Using metals adds a touch of texture to the room that balances out the neutral color pallet.

Architectural Elements

Architectural elements are used quite a bit in Joanna's rooms. They add a lived in feel to the room and give your house a ton of character. Salvaged doors, iron gates, corbels, part of a windmill and even an old bicycle have been used in Joana's homes.

Organic Elements

There is always at least one plant in every room that Joanna styles. Bringing the outside in brings life and freshness into your space. Potted plants, wall planters, wreaths, vases with cut flowers or dried arrangements have all made appearances in Joanna's rooms. If you don't have a green thumb, like me, fake plants work just as well (and are much easier).


Words or quotes on your walls make a statement and bring meaning into your home. A quote that means something to you and your family adds a personal touch, something every home should have.

Vintage Elements

In almost every room Joana decorates, she has a vintage statement piece as a focal point. A vintage cabinet, headboard, or mantle, these pieces can add warmth and interest to your space. Vintage-inspired pieces work just as well. You'll also want to incorporate smaller vintage items into the décor. Visit antique markets to find those one-of-a-kind pieces. I usually am attracted to wood pieces with a good patina or something industrial.

I'm slowly but surely incorporating more of Joanna's style into my home. At times it's frustrating because I want to do it all at once, but since I haven't won the lottery, I'll get there piece by piece. I hope, if you love the "fixer upper" style as much as I do, this post has helped in breaking down how to achieve this style in your own home. Happy decorating!


Container Plants with Personality March 30, 2016 22:00 2 Comments

Ah, spring!  Put away your winter coat, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Spring is my favorite time of year. It's a season of rebirth with the grass turning green, trees budding, daffodils and tulips popping up everywhere and thoughts of planting gardens and flower beds. I think everyone's mood is elevated when spring arrives.

When it comes to planting flowers, I like to repurpose household items as containers to add some personality to my home. Instead of using your normal flower pot you find in stores, why not use an old toy pickup or dump truck?

toy pickup truck used as a planter

Photo from toytrucktoys.com

Now, the bed of your truck will most likely be shallow, so it's best to plant something with a small root base. Succulents do well in shallow planting. You also need to be sure there's some drainage. Most often the beds of these old toy trucks will have holes in them anyway. If the holes are too big, line the bed with a piece of window screen.

I also like to use mason jars. Surprised? I have my 3 jar planter in my home planted with succulents. I've actually had a couple different plants in the jars over the years. You have to make sure you either don't over water them or place some rocks in the bottom of the jars for proper drainage. Also, the planter needs to be hung where the plants can get adequate sunlight. A lot of my customers use this planter for their herb gardens. And hey, if you don't exactly have a green thumb and the plants don't work out, you can always use the planter as an organizer of cotton balls/Qtips in your bathroom!

Mason jar wall planter from Tickled Pink

Another planter I want to try this year is a boot! I bought a pair of childrens cowboy boots at the Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace and plan to use them as planters. I'm going look for a plastic tray to fit inside the boots as a liner, but think I'll probably have to buy one that's too big and modify it some so it fits. I don't want the water to soak through the boots. That may not look so great.

Old boots as planters from The Cottage Market

I also use a galvanized tub on my back patio to plant in. Drilling holes in the bottom gives it proper drainage or I've seen some use air packets that are used for mailing placed in the bottom to allow for the drainage. Not sure if they'd eventually pop or not, but you could always use something else, like rocks. 

Galvanized planters from Pottery Barn

Here's some other unique planters I've found on the web:

a muffin tin

coffee mugs

recycled tires


Use your imagination this spring. Save money you would've paid for standard pots and find unique planters around your home! Happy planting!

Welcome to Unfinished Business March 03, 2016 15:56

So yeah, I've decided to name my new blog "Unfinished Business" because really, is anything in life really finished? I don't know about you, but I'm a different person than I was ten years ago, five years ago, heck, even yesterday! There is so much out there that I have yet to experience and learn that will enable me to grow not only as a person, but as a creative business owner, a mom, a wife, a friend, etc. It's all ever changing and if it weren't, well life would be pretty boring wouldn't it? So with all that in mind, this blog will focus on my unfinished business.. of the personal type and business type.

I'm not really putting myself on a posting schedule. That just adds a layer of stress and I'm afraid it will turn into something I have to do instead of something I want to do. So, maybe a weekly post to start and then we'll go from there. Until next time..

Free Gift Tag Printable! February 27, 2016 18:13

So, usually the first blog post is about the vision for the blog. What readers can expect to see in the future. Well, not this time. It will come, but not now, because frankly I haven't figured it out yet. But for now, I'm working on a Printables section of the shop. (Is Printables even a word?) Basically, it will be items you can download and either print with your home printer or take to a print shop and have printed. 

Yesterday, I completed my first printable and am now offering it up for free! If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see in this new section, please feel free to comment or send me an email.

[Download Free Gift Tags]


All printables from Tickled Pink are for personal use only.