7 Must Haves for the Fixer Upper Look

7 Must Haves for the Fixer Upper Look

Are you as obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper as I am? I DVR each episode and have watched them over and over when nothing else is on TV. I love Joanna's style, Chip's goofiness and just how real and down-to-earth they are. Of course, this obsession has led me to want to redecorate and, in some cases, remodel my entire house. Since remodeling isn't really an option right now, I can start with redecorating some spaces. As I have watched many Fixer Upper episodes, I have noticed that Joanna's style is mainly comprised of seven main elements:

Neutral Pallets

Joanna goes with a more neutral color palette, using shades of cream, white, grey, beige and some green and blue accents. Neutral colors create spaces that are relaxing and soothing, as well as warm and inviting, and allow the furnishings and décor to become the focal point. She has recently released her own line of paints available on the Magnolia Market website (quart $18, gallon $48).

Magnolia Market Paint Colors


In every room Joanna creates, she almost always installs hardwood floors or refinishes the ones that are in the house. Wood floors along with a neutral color pallet create a warm and inviting foundation for the style of your home. Also, those who watch Fixer Upper know that Joanna loves her shiplap. Usually found in older homes, shiplap can add a ton of character to a room. (If your home doesn't have shiplap walls, Home Depot has some they can sell you.) She also brings wood into the home with furniture and other objects like old windows, mantles, awesome farm tables, bowls for centerpieces and vintage signs.   



Joanna's style has an industrial element to it. She often uses galvanized steel items in her rooms such as planters, light fixtures, vases, and letters to hang on the wall. She has also hung a iron gate on the wall, created a shelving unit from pipe and wood and has used part of a windmill for decoration. Using metals adds a touch of texture to the room that balances out the neutral color pallet.

Architectural Elements

Architectural elements are used quite a bit in Joanna's rooms. They add a lived in feel to the room and give your house a ton of character. Salvaged doors, iron gates, corbels, part of a windmill and even an old bicycle have been used in Joana's homes.

Organic Elements

There is always at least one plant in every room that Joanna styles. Bringing the outside in brings life and freshness into your space. Potted plants, wall planters, wreaths, vases with cut flowers or dried arrangements have all made appearances in Joanna's rooms. If you don't have a green thumb, like me, fake plants work just as well (and are much easier).


Words or quotes on your walls make a statement and bring meaning into your home. A quote that means something to you and your family adds a personal touch, something every home should have.

Vintage Elements

In almost every room Joana decorates, she has a vintage statement piece as a focal point. A vintage cabinet, headboard, or mantle, these pieces can add warmth and interest to your space. Vintage-inspired pieces work just as well. You'll also want to incorporate smaller vintage items into the décor. Visit antique markets to find those one-of-a-kind pieces. I usually am attracted to wood pieces with a good patina or something industrial.

I'm slowly but surely incorporating more of Joanna's style into my home. At times it's frustrating because I want to do it all at once, but since I haven't won the lottery, I'll get there piece by piece. I hope, if you love the "fixer upper" style as much as I do, this post has helped in breaking down how to achieve this style in your own home. Happy decorating!


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